Record Music, Videos & Movies with Audials, Share with other Computers thanks to the Anywhere Features and Enjoy Your Media on your Android
Freeware to Record, Download, Play and Share Your Media with your own Home Personal Media Cloud Network Server!

Access Your Media anytime, anywhere, on your PC or Smartphone!

Everything in a single app – play, share, download, search and record your favorite music, videos and movies

Conveniently manage your media with the Audials Anywhere Technologies

Access your music, videos and movies on any of your playback devices and enjoy your media on the go with your Android. Audials Anywhere lets you access, search, play and download your favorite media on your favorite playback devices. Share your favorites with family and enable friends access to your media collection. Start your own home personal media cloud network now! Start today with your Personal Media Cloud Server for free!

Every Android smartphone becomes a mobile media center with the Audials App

By means of an internet flat rate the free App connects your Android smartphone with your windows computer at home. Now you can enjoy your media from your computer conveniently at home by WLAN or all around the globe with your smartphone by Internet.

1) computer preparation
Install the Audials Software or the free Audials Light
Add your collection of music to your media library or record new songs with the Audials Software
Press the log in button or if necessary register beforehand

Please keep in mind that your computer needs always to be switched on when you want to have access to it with your smartphone.

2) What to do with your Android smartphone
Install the Audials App from Google Play and start it
Also register with your smartphone
Press the Anywhere-button in the App. Now the media library of your computer pops up

With existing connection you can not only browse your computer with your smartphone for music files, videos and movies but you can also download and play them. Download the Audials App from Google Play

Your Personal Media Cloud for all your Windows computers

No matter where you are, with Audials Anywhere as part of Audials Light you can connect all your computers, notebooks and netbooks with internet access to your own Home Personal Media Cloud Network. So you can built your own Private Cloud AND connect it to Third Party clouds like Dropbox etc.

No more tangled masses of cables, and no more trouble with setting up a network or with synchronizing devices

Connect several computers, notebooks or netbooks with your Personal Media Cloud and use your music, videos and movies on every device for free.

How to connect your Windows computers
Install the Audials Software or the free Audials Light. Start the software on both computers.
Register for both programs by clicking the log in-button. If necessary create a free Audials user account beforehand.
In the media library section click the music button. With the blue drop down menu in the upper right corner you can patch in the other visible computer.

Now you can conveniently transfer and play music, videos and movies between connected computers. Start now with the freeware Audials Light!

Free and secure

Audials Anywhere as part of Audials Light is your Personal Media Cloud. You choose who may enter and who may access to your media. You can cancel the invitation at any time. Every file is transferred securely with an https connection and none of the files are saved on our servers. The use of Audials Anywhere is free of charge.  Download Audials Light now for free!

Every Audials Light Feature at a Glance

ANYWHERE – Joint Use of Media Collections with Your Personal Media Cloud
Enable other users to access your media collection by sending an activation link
Dual device view enables convenient data transfer to and from various playback devices and data storage devices
Enable additional computers wireless access without being an IT expert
Access your PC’s media collection from anywhere with the free Android app
Manage your users‘ access via the deactivation link
MEDIA CENTER – Enjoy media anywhere on your smartphone with clouds
Convenient player with playlist management functions and graphic cover display
Various displays available according to artist, genre, etc.
Displays for beginners and experts available with configured information columns
Matching playlists for similar artists and genres generated automatically
Supports YouTube links and videos in playlists
Dual-device display enables flexible transfer from and to a wide-variety of devices and file locations
Optimized for Android smartphones, direct browsing and using playlists etc.
Compatible with iPhone / iPad / iPod and iTunes, perfect for filling up Apple hardware
Memory display for all devices
Copying in the background
Preconfigured for Dropbox, Telekom Cloud, Microsoft Skydrive, Tunesbag
Automatic Internet searches for missing ID3 tags, album artwork and song lyrics
High-performance tag editor, easy drag-and-drop tagging available
Convenient creation and wireless uploading of customized ringtones for cell phones and smartphones
RADIO – Record and Listen to Internet Radio Stations
Record any online radio station broadcasting MP3, WMA or AAC formats as individual songs
The world’s largest database with over 70,000 stations
Live radio player with convenient display of, among others, albums covers of the title currently played
Search stations by genre, country, frequently played artists and stream quality
Automatic, parallel mass recordings of numerous stations by genre
Millisecond accurate recordings thanks to PerfectRadio technologies (fingerprint-based recording of individual songs)
Detailed adjustable quality: only those songs that fulfill your specifications for editing
accuracy, bitrate, etc. are saved
Timer for time-controlled recordings
Several favorite lists may be created
Automatic synchronization of favorites on any user PC
Job-Function: assign track count and data quantity for each job
Automatically add ID3 tags, lyrics and album artwork to radio recordings via Internet meta searches
Blacklist unwanted radio stations
Song history: subsequently saves all music previously listened to
Normalize the volume of all radio recordings to a uniform level
Fading features can be set to the ends of the recording
YOUTUBE VIDEOS – Download and save
Powerful search function locates music videos on YouTube for lots of songs, albums and artists
Saves videos without sacrificing quality of source
Easy to use via mini-recording windows on YouTube for direct recording
Enter in YouTube links for direct downloads
Audio track recordings available as MP3 files
MUSIC-TV – Receive and watch Music TV
Contains all major music TV stations, select from more than 25 top stations
Live player enables simple, quick channel surfing
Adjust picture to any size or use full screen
Clearly arranged with station logo, country info and music genre
Add customized streams as a station at any time
Automatically update database with new stations
PODCASTS – Load and enjoy podcast programs
Comprehensive database with more than 40,000 international podcasts
Watch or listen to any episode immediately via streams
TV shows, informational, music - more than 25 popular categories
Locate and sort by language, name and popularity
Download all episodes with a click, and automatically convert into the desired format
Subscribe: monitor new episodes and download automatically
Legal Information

Is Audials software legal in the US?

Yes, Audials software products are completely and 100% legal and completely comply with all Copyright Laws.  

In our opinion our Audials is the most powerful recording software available in the world! And as an internationally award winning technology provider, we believe in fair use, and take Copyright Laws very seriously.  At its core, Copyright Laws are very simple and firmly state “When recording or converting media, please do not redistribute it to other people.”  Similarly, our mission is very simple, and we strive to produce the most powerful on-demand music and media recording software to help you manage your digital life in a fair and legal way. 

Our products fall in the same category as VCR's, DVR's, Tape Recorders, CD Burners, iPods/MP3 players, and other popular devices.

What we do is try and help you find what you want, when you want it.  What we do not do is all access to cracked or encrypted data and therefore our software is complies with all Copyright Laws, including the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by only recording streaming media.

What does your software do technically?

Technically, we strive to provide you with a set of powerful and sophisticated recording tools so that you can easily find and record music and media.  Simply, we help get your big music and media collection even bigger!

Our complex software relies on the very simple principle of recording.

With it, you can record audio and video from many different sources - both from the Internet and through local media playback –on the network level or directly from the soundcard level.

However one important thing is still common to all the ways we record music and media - All of our products only record unprotected, unencrypted data. 

In the case of DRM encrypted data, we record these files while they are played back with the manufacturers software (which happens only if you have purchased a valid license).

Only then will Audials access and use unencrypted playback, recording what comes out of the PC speakers.  Screen video recording work in a similar fashion.  So the Audials software will never access or even attempt to crack encrypted data.  Basically imagine holding a video camera or a tape recorder close to your computer screen and speakers.  We do this, but with perfect sound and picture quality!

Is this considered P2P?

No, our software is intended for your personal use only and we don’t allow you share files because that’s illegal!  Since redistributing copyrighted content or acquiring copyrighted content that way is illegal, sharing services put their users at risk.

What does the Copyright Law say about recording?

There are two important parts of the Copyright Law that relates to the recording of media.
First, the basic right of copying is outlined in section 1008:

§ 1008. Prohibition on certain infringement actions

“No action may be brought under this title alleging infringement of copyright based on the manufacture, importation, or distribution of a digital audio recording device, a digital audio recording medium, an analog recording device, or an analog recording medium, or based on the noncommercial use by a consumer of such a device or medium for making digital musical recordings or analog musical recordings.” Source

Next, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is often used to stop distribution of certain copying programs.

Below is the important part of the DMCA as it relates to copying and circumventing copy protection systems:

§ 1201. Circumvention of copyright protection systems

“No person shall manufacture,  offer , … any product…, that… is primarily designed or produced for the purpose of circumventing a technological measure that effectively controls access to a work protected under this title”. Source

Do any Audials products violate the DMCA?

Short answer: DCMA are the guidelines for what you can and cannot copy legally, and how recording products are allowed to work, and we do not break any encryption, which is at the heart of the DMCA.

Our recording products locate unencrypted media, and record that media as it is transmitted, in order to allow you to view the content at a later time and/or on another device.

Help the artists by purchasing their music and films!

Please, be fair and support your favorite artists.

With Audials, you can get free music by radio recording.  Although radio stations pay royalties to the artists, you should support your favorite artists by purchasing their music.  Online music stores provide high-quality media, and full albums containing tracks that won’t be played on the radio.

Audials provides you with “Buy” button in the player section.  Please press it and get linked to online music stores to see offers for more music by the artist.  Through this, you can download and enjoy more high-quality music and the artist will be happy.

Help us in avoiding illegal stations and websites

The Audials software is a great way to access many thousands of Internet radios, social radios, and other Internet media services.

However, we want to make sure that only legal services can be accessed through Audials software.

If you find a recording source (e.g. an online or social radio station) in our database which may be illegally broadcasting in the United States, please contact us immediately by using this form: Contact form


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Podcasts Audio-on-demand
Podcasts Video-on-demand YES YES YES YES
Radio Wake Up Timer
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Play the music on your PC anywhere with your smartphone!

Just install the android app on your smartphone and access your music no matter where you are using the Windows freeware!

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Both Windows freeware and the Audials‘ android app are free to use. Download the software here without registering.